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Car Dealership Loses Sale Over “A Bottle of Dr. Pepper a Day”

I decided that I would start looking for a new challenger car covers to buy, mine isn’t exactly the newest one on the road anymore but it still gets me where I need to go. I did a ton of research on new cars to include motor size, safety, storage and so on. I finally decide on my favorite one and excitedly, I go the dealership to see what they have on the lot.
When I pulled on the lot, I noticed that they only had three cars on the lot that I was looking […]

Car Care

Winter Car Safety Tips

Winter comes every year and it brings with itself lots of amazing snow. Although the snow is truly incredible, it can be problematic for car drivers who haven’t prepared themselves for the winter season. In order to prepare drivers for the winter season, there are several things that every car owner should do.
Winter Car Maintenance
Drivers should always remember to check the antifreeze and coolant of the vehicle. The antifreeze in the car helps control the temperature of the engine. As antifreeze remains in a liquid state even in freezing temperatures so it guards the engine […]


Car Gadgets Should Not Be Painful: Dangerous Car Accessories

Many years ago, Ralph Nader saw fit to bring to the public’s attention the various safety concerns plaguing automobiles, and other household products we use every day. However, even prior to his heyday in the 1960’s enthusiasts have always seen fit to customize their cars to make them a reflection of their owners. To this day, automotive aftermarket accessories are a massively popular industry.
A major styling trend in the 50’s and 60’s saw the rear view mirror mounted on the dash, and even some dashes were massive with how the glare hood would stick up […]


How to Buy a Sports Car

Have you always wanted a sports car? Modern sports cars can be quite practical, and buying one might not be such a far-fetched idea. They use less gas than they used to, are safer, and some are available for under $20,000.
If you want to buy dodge challenger car cover, consider first what you want. How much are you willing to spend? Figure this out before you proceed. Although you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot, it is quite possible to spend huge sums of money on a sports car. Think also about what […]