Car Dealership Loses Sale Over “A Bottle of Dr. Pepper a Day”

I decided that I would start looking for a new challenger car covers to buy, mine isn’t exactly the newest one on the road anymore but it still gets me where I need to go. I did a ton of research on new cars to include motor size, safety, storage and so on. I finally decide on my favorite one and excitedly, I go the dealership to see what they have on the lot.

When I pulled on the lot, I noticed that they only had three cars on the lot that I was looking for. I get out of my car and a salesman approaches me. We introduce ourselves and I let him know that I have done my research on the car and know exactly what I want. I also explain that before I am even going to test drive one, I wanted him to find out if it was possible for me to buy the car and have a payment around $350. I had already done the research and knew that I could, even with the extra that I would have to pay on my current car. I went on to explain that I knew I would have to have a certain amount of money for my car to make it work. He tells me that based on what I was telling him, he thought he could make it work. I also made it a point to tell him that this is a want for me, not a need.

The car I was looking at happened to be open so I sat in it and checked it out while he went in to get the keys so I could take it for a test drive. I drove the vehicle and loved it. The particular car that I drove had some extras on it that I didn’t want and the other cars on the lot didn’t have the things that I wanted. As we are test driving the car, he told me that when he went in to get the keys, he found out that they had ordered two other cars from other lots. He also said that the car I was looking for, would be at the dealership in about an hour or so. We got back to the dealership and went inside.

I had been pretty clear on my expectations, or at least that’s what I thought. After going over some information about my car, he got up from his desk and walked over to another gentleman in the dealership. He was over there talking with that gentleman for a while. He finally came back to his desk where I was waiting patiently with a big smile on my face. He asked me what my favorite type of drink was. I looked at him kind of weird but decided to play along, I said “Dr. Pepper”. That’s when he leaned back in his chair and said “ma’am, for the cost of a bottle of Dr. Pepper a day, you can drive away in a new car”. I knew at that point, that the payment was over the $350 payment I advised him of earlier but again, playing along, I asked what the payment of the car would be and he advised $389. Needless to say he must not have been listening when I told him that a new car was a want for me, not a need. So, I advised him, that for the cost of a Dr. Pepper a day, they lost a sale and I walked out.

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