Winter Car Safety Tips

Winter comes every year and it brings with itself lots of amazing snow. Although the snow is truly incredible, it can be problematic for car drivers who haven’t prepared themselves for the winter season. In order to prepare drivers for the winter season, there are several things that every car owner should do.

Winter Car Maintenance

Drivers should always remember to check the antifreeze and coolant of the vehicle. The antifreeze in the car helps control the temperature of the engine. As antifreeze remains in a liquid state even in freezing temperatures so it guards the engine from getting too cold. Regularly service the vehicle to avoid any costly repairs if the car gets damaged because of neglect. If the antifreeze runs out the driver should consult the car’s owner manual for knowledge of its replacement. The car also should be saved from the snow when it is not used specially at night. Drivers should use Rav4 car covers to protect the car from the snow at night. If you are not using Rav4 car, then Toyota cover is the best to cover any kind of small car.

They also should regularly clean and check the wiper blades, as the life of most wiper blades is just a few months. If the wiper blades seem worn out they should be replaced immediately. If they haven’t been changed in six months, it’s almost definitely time to change the wiper blades.

Check the battery all the time. Drivers should make sure that the car’s battery is strong, because a weak battery just dies out in the cold weather. The driver should also ensure that all the connections of the battery are closely intact.
The engine air filter should always be kept completely clean, because a clean filter means that the car will perform more proficiently. The car’s owner manual usually tells the time when an engine air filter needs to be replaced.

Drivers should keep checking the oil grade, as motor oil keeps the engine at a lower temperature and also keeps the rest of the engine parts friction free and lubricated. Using a lighter grade of oil is best during the winter season. The car’s owner manual specifies what oil grade is best for the car.

Tire pressure should be checked regularly. Tires with less air cause extra friction. Also keep a spare tire in the car at all times. Tire air pressure information is also easy to find in the car’s owner’s manual. The tires should be evenly filled with air in order for the car to give the best performance.

Winter Car Emergency Preparedness

Drivers should have an emergency or first aid kit at all times. Things that the kit needs to have are extra cables, bottled water, energy bars, warm blankets and gloves. Ski hats are a good idea too, as a lot of body heat escapes through the head. They can piece together their own kit or buy a premade one. During winter there are often Sear’s coupons for kits. Also, there should always be an emergency cell phone and battery to be able to call for help if possible. If kids ever ride in the car, it doesn’t hurt to include some fun activities and games to keep them occupied inside the car.

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